Tuesday, November 25, 2014



Thank you for receiving this question regarding the UN Charter interpretations and rulings on the matters of interpreting what shall constitute a "state", "nation; or,  "country" : membership in the UN / consensus; and, what constitutes "sovereignty".

For the purposes of this submission, we have elected to examine the "Islamic State" of Iraq & Syria / ISIS / ISIL; as it currently dominates considerable global attention. And, in this regard, we focus not only upon the claim of "statehood" by its proponents; but, more particularly, the impacts resulting from other states or nations - and, media, in general - who publish information naming the "Islamic State"; and, therein creating an environment of credibility.

The alarm that we have examined is the matter of creating legitimacy or integrity into a fiction in absence of "acceptable" recognition.

To date there is no public record of any member of the United Nations; or, any other legitimate international body or nation state providing a recognition of rightful claim to "statehood" of this Islamic group.

UN records, documents; and, publications refer to the "Islamic State".

Most UN member countries, nations; states have evolved through crisis; warfare; insurrection; assassination; or, some other non-democratic historical event in the absence of the Free Prior Informed Consent code. And, therefore, would genuinely be excluded from being qualified - per the UN Charter disqualification protocols - to judge the integrity of some other state that claims sovereignty; except, for the fact that the UN has established the demarcation line of the inception of the UN Charter - as, also, the UN has created a barrier with regards to other human rights matters such as claims against acts of genocide.

Indigenous Peoples' claims of sovereignty - i.e., Palestine versus Israel on issues of claimed sovereignty - including, numerous traditional, indigenous Peoples throughout the world who suffer under apparent contraventions of the UN Charter Chapter VII provisions - Rwandan tribal warfare regarding land claims.

Hence, the quandary : How do Peoples accept the integrity of a claimed sovereign polity ? - again, such as the Islamic State, supra; and, where international application of the Fundamental Human Rights provisions.

An historical decision by the UN to grant the Holy See the recognition as a "state"; with entitlement to observer status at the Security Council further complicates the justification of the claim of preserved integrity at the UN. And, it becomes a matter for the Haudenosaunee to consider in the matter of their continuous Veto Right in the matter of the domicile of the UN Headquarters on the basis continued respect for the Two Row Wampum Covenant Chain. - and, how would the Haudenosaunee enforce the eviction ?

We have submitted this commentary for your review as arising from the world's continued dilemma's on these issues of what shall be the fair and acceptable recognition of some political regime that declares some claim of sovereign territory; and, therein, the right to govern these said lands.

In summary, we petition to this United Nations membership that it shall proceed to solicit the considered opinion of the global community on these matters of Free Prior Informed Consent in relation to claims of sovereignty; wherein, an international, modern era protocol shall be established; through which state nations may apply for membership in any international body politic / economic / social or military.

Additionally, it should be a requirement at the UN that continued membership and rights / duties are predicated upon being a fully paid-up nation state; including - in the matter of transparency - that the Permanent Mission shall provide accessible contact provisions : telephone / fax / email, as basic qualifications.

And, finally, a continued UN membership entitlement should require that a Free Prior Informed Consent public referendum - UN sanctioned and supervised - be conducted every decade following that members qualifications via the Credentials Committee.
Huych'qu' / Thank You